Photos From Our Logyard

The images and text below give a good overview of how we hand-carve our log homes.

Primarily winter-harvested hand-peeled 12-14" Englemann Spruce logs ready for building. Our house logs are chosen for their light color, straight grain, and minimal taper. Each log is fully peeled to remove bark and the cambium layer. Englemann Spruce Logs
After the proper cut is determined, the saddle notch is cut with a chainsaw. The logsmith will cut within a 1/8" of the pencil line with the saw. Saddle Notch
The logsmith finishes the saddle notch with a hand chisel to ensure a tight fitting connection. This method is quite time consuming, but well worth the extra effort to create a high quality log home. Hand Chisel
This is the first complete saddle notch beginning the bottom of the log home. Note the tight joinery with virtually no airspace between the logs. With proper building techniques and care in finishing the log package into a home, the logs will stay as tight as the day they are delivered. Tight Joinery of the Saddle Notch
This photo shows a custom log home about half completed in the logyard. Half Complete Log Home
Many of our customers choose a log floor joist system for their homes. Log tie-beams, single log floor joists and log posts are engineered to carry the loft and in many cases the roof supports as well. Floor Joist System
Completed log package ready for numbering, disassembly, and delivery to customer's homesites. Completed Log Package
Completed log package. Completed Log Package
Completed log package. Completed Log Package


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